Monday, January 03, 2005

The Al Quida-Tsunami Connection

CNN broadcasts of the ‘Tsunami Corpsefest’ are reporting that American military advisors and diplomats are now concerned that the Al-Quida network may be using the recent Tsuanmi disaster in Asia as a means to further recruit support for their campaign of terror against the American Imperialist Infidel.

I don’t think that this is a very realistic concern and is instead serving only as manufactured propaganda to capitalize on people’s paranoid fears and help carry favor with the delusional citizens of the Western democratic world. In other words: It’s total horseshit!

How can you recruit people from a “Disaster Area”? They’re all fucking dead! Isn’t anybody paying attention to the CNN updates? There’s only a calculated death toll of 150,000 bodies counted so far, with the estimation that thousands more have yet to be added…that’s why it’s called a fucking DISASTER AREA! I highly doubt that the few dozen remaining survivors would be enough to tip the scale in favor of International Terrorism. How intimidating do you think that the few remaining villagers of the Banda Ache province are going to be as a regimental squadron of professional Al-Quida soldiers? Shit, the fucking Girl Guides could kick their collective asses in battle in their present fragile condition!

Likewise, how likely is it that Tsunami survivors are going to be so eager to enlist so that they can simply have a bomb strapped to their body and forced to board a public bus somewhere? I think we should give the survivors a little more respect than that! I highly doubt that any tsunami refugee is about to begin thinking to himself while being served in line at the ‘Osama bin Laden Community Kitchen and Recruiting Center’:

“You know, I’ve lost my family, my home, and all my wordly possessions. In fact, I’m extremely lucky just to be alive. Maybe I should better serve the memory of my lost loved ones by wastefully sacrificing my own life in order to take those of innocent bystanders and help spread global chaos and Anti-American sentiments.”

Not fucking likely at all, Jack!


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